How dentistry can help patients with sleep disorders

Taking a deeper look at sleep…


Have you ever taken such an interest in something that you have wanted to learn all you can about it?

At Mitchell Dentistry, we were among the first in our community to talk to our patients about the dangers of sleep apnea and how we might be able to help with this life threatening disorder. For several years, we have worked with area physicians, and have introduced ever evolving oral appliances to ease the situation for many patients. We’ve talked with many who are relieved about breathing better – and many more who are excited that their loved ones have stopped snoring all night!

All three of us, Dr. Yolanda, Dr. Joe and I, are excited about a three-day conference we will soon be attending in Arizona. We will amp up our education with the latest courses on aberrant breathing – when awake and asleep – and its impact on our patients’ health. This seminar will help us move beyond sleep appliances and into a new realm of sleep medicine.

We will learn to recognize breathing-disturbed sleep and the associated anatomic “choke points” of respiration. The world’s leading experts on this issue will help us enhance our solid foundation and give us even more tools for controlling and resolving airway issues with the newest techniques in restorative dentistry.

According to Spear Education, among the things we will learn to bring back to our patients include:

  • Understanding how breathing-related disruption of sleep is not limited to apnea
  • How upper airway flow limitation creates an environment for poor sleep and chronic stress
  • The causes and correlation between the top 10 dental problems and dysfunctional breathing
  • The importance of breathing disordered sleep on the systemic, neurocognitive, and craniofacial development of our pediatric patients
  • Understanding the importance of nasal breathing, the damaging sequela of mouth breathing, and the strategies to promote proper function
  • A systematic approach to controlling and resolving sleep-induced airway issues

Those of you who know us know how much we love learning, and applying our newfound knowledge in our practice. We can’t wait to share ideas with you when we return from the conference.

As always, please call us with any questions or concerns. We love your feedback, so feel free to send your comments our way.

Best wishes from our Mitchell Dentistry family to yours!

All the best, Dr. Jim






Smile…you’re on digital camera!

As a family dental practice, it is somewhat challenging for all three of us to be away from the office at the same time. However, there are a few “do not miss” conferences throughout the year that we make it a priority to attend. There’s no better way to get the hands-on, state-of-the-art continuing education that makes us the best that we can be for our patients.

One of the standouts this year was the AACD 2014, the 30th anniversary scientific session of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) which took place in Orlando. More than 1,700 dental professionals experienced live dentistry, workshops and lectures – all of us coming away with new knowledge to bring back to our practices.

We were delighted to hear from many of the dental world’s “rock stars” – industry leaders who shared the latest in digital technology, dedicated computers and scanning procedures. One such “guru” is Lee Culp, CDT the Chief Technology Officer, CTO for DTI-Dental Technologies Inc., and Director of the Institute for Oral Art and Design. He is also a consultant and teaches advanced digital courses at D4D Technologies. Lee is a leading resource/inventor for many of the materials, products, and techniques used in dentistry today, and holds numerous patents for his ideas and products. He writes many articles per year, and his writing, photography, and teaching style have brought him international recognition, as one of today’s most exciting lecturers and innovative artisans in the specialties digital dentistry, dental ceramics and functional esthetics. We learned a tremendous amount from him.

While it may not sound as exciting to you as it is to us, take a moment and imagine a new dental experience – one that means no more gooey impressions, for example. Instead. high tech mini cameras collect images of your teeth and upload them to a computer for 3-D digital imagery giving us a true picture of what is happening in your mouth. This advanced technology means increased accuracy and speed – providing you with better, more beautiful results than ever.

Secondly, say goodbye to metal. Now it is all about enamel. Enamel that gives you a youthful, natural look – after all, shouldn’t your outward appearance match your active lifestyle and the way that you feel inside?

Those are just two examples of what new dental technology will mean to you. There are more developments every day, and we are committed to being on the forefront, purchasing and implemented state-of-the-art technology and training our staff on all the newest procedures. We know that you will be a happier dental patient – enjoying speedier, more accurate, more esthetically pleasing results.

So sit back in our dental chair, relax and smile!