For Mitchell Dentistry, a photo shoot is a day at the beach

As our patients know, we enjoy sharing our love of nature in our practice. The color themes and artwork in our office reflect local wildlife and the hues of the sea. Our website ( also displays a beach theme. So when it came time to plan the staff photo shoot, what could be a more natural setting for us than our local beaches?

The overall goal is to update our website with the new photos featuring our highly talented hygiene team, amazing assistants, and fabulous front desk staff. Instead of traditional, in-front-of-a-screen headshots, we decided on a more natural approach. When it came down to the details, everyone contributed their suggestions – from what to wear, to the backdrops, to the water side location.

The day of the Friday photo shoot finally arrived, and all 16 of us set out to the Outrigger Resort  on Fort Myers Beach. The sun was shining, the water shone azure blue – you could not have asked for a better day. After a little touch up on hair and makeup, everyone was ready to go, and our talented photographer, Ilene Safron of Mainsail Productions started shooting individual and group shots of our entire staff.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, we took a fun and festive lunch break at the resort’s outdoor restaurant. The staff was friendly and accommodating, adding another enjoyable element to the day.

We closed the day with some fun shots at the water’s edge before everyone went home for the weekend.

group everyone

All in all, it was a productive and fun day. Not only will we have some great shots for the website and other marketing materials, we also had the opportunity to enjoy a beach outing with our Mitchell Dentistry “family.”

Watch our website for an updated new look coming soon!

All the best,

Dr. Jim



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