Enjoy your summer vacation, but don’t leave dental hygiene behind!

sea beach holiday vacation

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When you pack for your summer vacation, we’re pretty sure you’ll remember your bathing suit, flip flops and sunscreen – but how about your electric toothbrush? The handy case that comes with it makes it perfectly portable, and we hope you’ll take note. At Mitchell Dentistry, we want your smile to stay beautiful all year round, and with a few helpful tips you can stay in your dental hygiene routine without sacrificing any vacation time.

Here are the top 7 vacation tips from Mitchell Dentistry’s hygiene team:

Show Your Toothbrush a Little Love

blue and white toothpaste on toothbrush

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Use a clean, ventilated toothbrush container for your toothbrush. Choosing a holder with ventilation helps dry the toothbrush and reduce the growth of bacteria. Once you arrive at your destination, if you’re staying in one spot, leave the toothbrush out on the counter to give it ample drying time.

Pack a Dental Kit

Stock your kit with must-haves like floss or floss picks, toothpaste, and mouthwash. If you’re flying with just a carry-on bag, then you can buy travel-size versions of your favorite supplies. Or, you can fill other small, reusable containers that contain no more than three ounces. Be sure to ask for on our toothpaste samples which are just the right size for the airport security.

Limit Your Sugar Intake

Although vacation is the perfect time to indulge, try to balance sugary treats with healthy options, especially if you know you won’t be able to brush soon after. On a long airplane flight, for example, skip the soda on the beverage cart, and opt for bottled water when you can.

Stick to Your Routine

No matter where you go and how busy your schedule is, make sure you keep up with your regular dental routine. If you take a vacation from good oral care habits, then it might be harder to pick them back up after returning home.

Skip the Gum

While many suggest that “4 out of 5” dentists recommend sugarless gum, we seem to be the rare ones who do not recommend this habit. Gum chewing is tough on the mandible (jaw joints), and can exacerbate TMJ. That said, a  once-in-awhile chew is acceptable.

Bottled Water

close up of bottle pouring water on glass

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Whether you’re “roughing it” or experiencing luxury stay in a far off land, pay attention to the water quality and research whether it’s safe to drink. If it’s not, stick to bottled water – even when brushing. On a side note, remember to close your mouth in the shower too!

Emergency Calls Accepted

While we hope you don’t need us while you’re away, please note that we are available for a phone call if you are

Most important, have a wonderful, happy, and safe vacation!

All the best from our family to yours,

Dr. Jim




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