5 Tips to Improve a Child’s Brushing Habits at Home

Getting your child to brush their teeth regularly, and brush them well, can be a challenge. The staff at our Ft. Myers dental office understand the challenges that parents face and would like to offer 5 tips that may help establish a more complete brushing routine for your child.

Tips to Improve a Child’s Brushing Technique

  1. Monkey-See, Monkey-Do – Let them see you brush and floss your teeth regularly and correctly. By modeling the behavior you want them to learn, they will learn through example.
  2. Set a Timer – Children don’t always have the best concept of time. By setting a timer for them, it enables them to brush for a recommended full two minutes. A simple kitchen timer will do, or there are also products made specifically for children that dispense the correct amount of toothpaste and then plays a song for two minutes. These oral hygiene aids for kids can make brushing more fun.
  3. Splash Some Color On It – There are tablets and rinses on the market that children can use after brushing that will stain the plaque left on their teeth a certain color. This is a great way to show children where they missed brushing and it helps train them to brush all areas of their mouth more thoroughly.
  4. A Little Healthy Competition Can’t Hurt – By making their brushing routine a game, you are taking boredom out of the equation. By seeing who can floss better, or who can swish mouthwash the longest, you are also removing neglect from the equation because children will pay more attention to cleaning their teeth and doing a great job if it’s fun.
  5. Routine, Routine, Routine – Keep their schedule consistent so they always know what to do and when to do it. Children thrive on consistency, and establishing a morning and nighttime routine is important for kids to learn their part in good oral hygiene.

As your child grows and become more dexterous and responsible, their brushing and flossing will be that much more effective. These 5 tips will help them build lifelong habits to accomplish a successful oral hygiene routine.

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You can have a spectacular smile in one day!

At Mitchell Dentistry we have been getting a fabulous response to our “Restore with 4″© plan, an excellent solution for patients who have unwanted dentures or failing teeth in need of upper and or lower restoration. Typically, the procedure only requires four dental implants per jaw to support a fully customized set of replacement teeth – hence the name. The best part is that while the patient is comfortably sedated, we work side by side with board certified oral surgeons to attach a restoration created right here in our Fort Myers office, resulting in a brand new beautiful smile in just one day.

You can have a beautiful smile in one day!

You can have a beautiful smile in one day!

This technology has literally changed the face of modern dentistry, offering a solution to the “toothless” patient. Unlike traditional dentures, Restore with 4© can deliver immediate functionality and enhanced quality of life. We have actually seen patients burst into tears of happiness when they take their first look at their new smile. That makes us smile too.

Another benefit in addition to replacement teeth is that the procedure almost always alleviates the need for bone grafting – a surgery often required by more conventional treatment. Patients are relieved of the discomfort caused by dentures and can go back to eating a regular diet. Plus, there’s an almost immediate sense of well-being and improved self-esteem.

If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about the Restore with 4© procedure, please do not hesitate to call us. All of us at Mitchell Dentistry welcome your questions and feedback!

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Dr. Jim



Teeth Whitening vs Veneers

Teeth whitening is a safe and relatively affordable procedure that is performed to enhance the beauty of a smile. Bleaching is a good option for those patients who are pleased with their smiles aside from the color or shade of their teeth. The size, shape, and position of teeth all play an important role in aesthetics. Some people find that simply whitening a smile only accentuates any and all their oral imperfections. In these situations, veneers become a much more viable option. Veneers address the minor imperfections of a smile and create the desired, uniform smile.

When to use teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is most often recommended when your teeth are stained from everyday activities such as smoking, or drinking wine, tea or coffee. The bleaching system only works on a natural tooth enamel; therefore patients with tooth-colored fillings, bonding, or crowns need to consult their dentists to color match for seamless results. For the best results, your dentist will often send you home with customized trays to touch up your smile for longer lasting results.  Patients who continue to smoke or consume stain causing beverages will want to perform the at-home treatment more frequently.

Veneers will solve multiple aesthetic problems

Unlike teeth whitening, a set of quality veneers will stay bright and stain-free with little or no extra care necessary. Veneers will also improve the look of dental problems such as:

  • Minor misalignments
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Severe staining or discoloration

This cosmetic procedure gives the patient a natural-looking smile-line. The veneer process is a little more involved than bleaching, as it will require two office visits. During the first visit, the teeth impressions are created and the teeth are prepared and covered with temporary veneers. The permanent veneer is bonded into place on your final visit.

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