Mitchell Office Video

Many of you may have already seen our new office video, but if you haven’t, please take a look. We dare you not to laugh! As with most things at Mitchell Dentistry we try to maintain a lighthearted attitude amidst an extremely professional atmosphere and we think our new video accomplishes this as well. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming it.

The last time we made an office video we gave you a behind the scenes look at how we made the video. Although we can’t give away all of our secrets, we’d like to tell you about a few of the memorable moments from this video shoot as well. We did the entire shoot in one day and started early in the morning before the office opened.  Phil Leboutillier, our wonderful videographer, and our public relations team, Phyllis & Kate, were on hand to help coordinate the shots. We had brainstormed the sequences with our PR team and developed the script beforehand, so we were ready to roll!

We had each staff member perform their part of the script throughout the day, stealing them away for a few minutes between their regular appointments. It was a little difficult to juggle our normal schedule and shoot the video, but the final result was a success. In between filming the staff, Phil filmed a variety of our technological equipment at work. These shots would act as filler sequences and you can see them throughout the video.

The most difficult part of the shoot came at the end of the day, when we needed to get the entire staff together for our ‘walk-out’ scene at the end of the video. We had to time walking out perfectly to the beat of the music and to the length of time we had for that shot. This gave us about 30 seconds for the entire staff to walk out and line up along the sidewalk in front of the office. We had to hustle! It took us a few takes, but we finally nailed it!

We always have a great time filming these videos and we hope that you watch them and share them with family and friends. We can’t wait until the next one!