Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street®?

Have you heard the news? Sesame Street® has launched a campaign for parents and their children to help promote healthy teethandgums.  The bilingual, multi-media outreach initiative is called, “Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me” and serves to motivate children from two to five years of age, parents and caregivers to care for children’s oral health.  Combine SesameStreet® with oral health and you’ve got a winning combination!

Sesame Street  Season 43 Big Bird

Have questions about what type of toothbrush is best for your child? How much toothpaste should your child be using? Which fruits and vegetables are best for your child to eat in order to maintain healthy teeth?  Although you can ask us these questions any time, you can also visit the website to learn great tips.

There are videos, toolkits, games and more that demonstrate brushing (like this video from Elmo), that you and your child can watch or download.


The website also has great advice on what to tell your child before his or her first visit to the dentist and what they can expect. By using the outgoing Sesame Street® characters to tell the story of a dental visit, some of the initial anxiety your child might feel can be alleviated.

Promoting healthy oral habits at a young age will not only encourage children to maintain these habits as they get older, but can actually increase the overall health of incoming permanent teeth. With fun activities and songs that teach oral health, your child may even look forward to brushing and flossing.